It is the experience of decades that, combined with vision and concept, makes this Group unique.

Experience at the service of an increasingly global world

FUTURE Group aggregates decades of experience of four companies that operate in the engineering consulting industry, in four continents - Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. United under the same concept, strategy and management, these companies have their experience and skills enhanced by the global brand and aggregator FUTURE.


In their respective technical and geographical areas of operation, each company that now forms FUTURE Group acquired a capital of recognition and respect that earned it a prominent position in the markets it served.

For their performance, profile and capacity, principles and soundness, from Latin America, the companies ATP Engenharia and Headwayx, both based in Brazil,  whose merger resulted in FUTURE ATP, from Europe, the company PROMAN - Centro de Estudos e Projetos, S.A., based in Portugal, currently named FUTURE Proman, and from Africa, the company BDM, based in Angola, currently named FUTURE BDM, integrated FUTURE Group.


FUTURE Asia was also associated to this consolidated history in 2019, adding to FUTURE Group the knowledge, resources and prestige of a strategic partner in the financial and infrastructure investment sector, and ensuring the Group's presence in what is one of the world's largest global investment regions.